[PyKDE] PyKDE-3.11rc1 build failure (against kdelibs-3.2.3)

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Wed Jun 2 05:39:01 BST 2004

Jim Bublitz wrote:

> In PyKDE-3.11rc1/sip/dcop/dcopmod.sip.in, find the %Timeline stmt and add to 
> the end:
>    KDE_3_2_3
> In PyKDE-3.11rc1/configure.py, modify the kdetags to look like:
>     kdetags = {
>         0x030001: "KDE_3_0_0",
>         0x030003: "KDE_3_0_1",
>         0x030100: "KDE_3_0_3",
>         0x030101: "KDE_3_1_0",
>         0x030102: "KDE_3_1_1",
>         0x030103: "KDE_3_1_2",
>         0x030104: "KDE_3_1_3",
>         0x030105: "KDE_3_1_4",
>         0x030200: "KDE_3_1_5",
>         0x030201: "KDE_3_2_0",
>         0x030202: "KDE_3_2_1",
>         0x030203: "KDE_3_2_2",
>         0x040000: "KDE_3_2_3"
>     }
> (you'll need to change the existing last line and add the last three lines 
> shown above).
> Actually, it seems unlikely those would cause the problem you're seeing, but 
> the changes should be made anyway.
> Make sure that PyKDE-3.11rc1/sip/kdecore/kpty.sip exists too.
> Even with those changes, I wouldn't guarantee it will build, compile, link and 
> load, but it's worth a try. If 3.2.3 is binary compatible with 3.2.2 (and 
> there probably are few if any changes), it should work.

With these changes, build still fails, but differently:
KDE base directory is /usr
KDE include directory is /usr/include/kde
KDE lib directory is /usr/lib
KDE version is 3.2.3 (0x30203)

PyKDE modules to be built:
    dcop kdecore kdesu kdefx kdeui kio kfile kparts khtml kspell 
kdeprint kmdi

PyKDE modules will be installed in /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages
PyKDE .sip files will be installed in /usr/share/sip

Generating the C++ source for the dcop module...
Compiling dcop.py...
Creating the Makefile for the dcop module...

Generating the C++ source for the kdecore module...
sip: KPty is undefined
Error: Unable to create the C++ code.

-- Rex

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