[PyKDE] PyQT and threading support

Marc Boeker marc at wgmail.de
Sat Jan 31 17:12:00 GMT 2004


i'm quite new to python and pyqt so get ready for a n00b's question ;)
i've got a normal qtextedit widget called text_recv. then i also got 3
functions, handling the threading stuff. (read = main thread, start_thread and stop_thread)
after connecting to the serial port, i'm calling start_thread(). everything works fine. but
when i'm goingt to append the recieved data (from the com port) to the textedit, the whole script
freezes. only a "killall" helps to terminate the process. printing out the recieved data to the
console works without any problems. ok, i created a new function called append_text(). append_text only
appends the text, given by a parameter to the textedit via self.text_recv.append(data).
calling append_text("foobar") not in a thread works fine, but calling this function from a thread results in the same problem...;(

i know strange problem and a strange description. sorry!

thnx for your help

best regards from germany

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