[PyKDE] Bionic vision

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sat Jan 31 06:02:01 GMT 2004

I have my bionics fully installed now. Other than the anesthetic 
injection being extremely painful (just like at the dentist, but 
in or around the eye) this one was easier than the last and 
seems to be responding faster. It's looks a lot worse because I 
had a little bleeding in the white of the eye (and all the blood 
accumulates in the eyeball - kind of gross looking), but that 
has no effect on vision, recovery, or even comfort. Plus I have 
a black eye from the anesthetic - had a different guy do it this 
time and he wasn't as good as the previous one. I had surgery 
yesterday AM and could see well enough to drive out to get a 
pizza late in the afternoon (at least I didn't hit anything), 
and drove home (135 miles) today. Skipped the mountain passes 
though (which is the quicker route) because the weather was 
lousy at higher elevations.

I'm going to take the next couple days off from any close work 
(reading, computing much), because I had a lot of eye strain 
last time, and it may have contributed to the complications I 
had with the other eye (which is perfectly fine now). I'm not 
known for patience with stuff like this, but I'm going to force 
myself. For example, my pupil is still somewhat dilated from the 
surgery, which makes some things just a little blurry.

One recommendation - if you ever need eye surgery, don't watch 
"Once Upon a Time in Mexico" the night before like I did. About 
two-thirds of the way through the movie, the Johnny Depp 
character gets his eyeballs drilled out. 

I have a pair of $5 glasses I bought at the hardware store that 
work great for reading and viewing the monitor, and should get 
back into PyKDE and related stuff early next week. I noticed a 
couple PyKDE-related posts to the list, which I'll respond to 
then if still necessary. 

Otherwise, I have 20/15 (about 6/5 for you metric fans) vision in 
both eyes (without glasses), which means my acuity for distance 
is better than 20/20 - really cool. Colors are also much 
brighter, but now I can see all the stains on my shirts I 
couldn't see before. I'll probably still need glasses for 
reading, etc., since my lenses are now hard plastic and can't 
accomodate for near vision (no zoom lenses yet - sorry).


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