[PyKDE] kapptemplate support

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sat Jan 31 05:28:01 GMT 2004

On Friday January 30 2004 14:24, Tom Badran wrote:
> Is there an equivalent kdesdk/kapptemplate/appframework for
> pykde applitcations? Prefereably with support for building c
> modules (wheter through distutils or not)

There are some simple program templates in the templates/ 
directory in the PyKDE distribution - there are two 
subdirectories: annotated/ which contains some comments and 
basic/ which is the same programs without comments.

The program templates all basically have the stuff necessary to 
most PyKDE programs - take care of KCmdLineArgs, subclass 
KMainWindow, start the event loop. There are several variations 
on doing menus/toolbar/statusbar (hardcoding, actions, XML), and 
a few things like a system tray app.

There isn't any kind of wizard or program to automatically 
generate a PyKDE app, and nothing at the moment for building 
C/C++ modules. I hadn't considered the latter, since I've put a 
lot of development time into presip (which automatically 
generates sip bindings more or less) and plan on a sip tutorial 
which covers doing the same stuff manually. Once you're over the 
learning curve, sip is pretty easy to use to produce a set of 
bindings or a thin wrapper for C/C++ modules. I personally don't 
plan on doing anything with C/C++ modules without using sip, 
although there are a number of alternate methods possible and 
some of those may be better in some applications.


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