[PyKDE] SIP: How to pass STL objects

Jahn Otto Næsgaard Andersen jotto at jotto.no
Sun Jan 25 14:18:01 GMT 2004

Hi, I have made a class with a constructor that takes std::string and
std::vector for various functions.

Simplified example:

%Module HoloLib

class Bird
#include "bird.h"
#include <string>


    virtual ~Bird();


When I try to SIP this file with

/usr/local/bin/sip -s ".cpp" -c sipcode -I /usr/local/share/sip/qt -t
Qt_3_2_0 -t WS_X11 bird.sip

I get the following error message:

sip: string is undefined, I get the error message 

I am using SIP 4.0rc2 on Linux Redhat 8.0, Qt 3.2.0, gcc 3.2.

Jahn Otto

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