[PyKDE] PyQt and PyKDE on Mandrake 9.2

Simon Edwards simon at simonzone.com
Sun Jan 25 14:10:00 GMT 2004

On Fri, 23 Jan 2004 01:19 pm, Randall Sanborn wrote:
> I'm trying to install PyKDE for slickbar on superkaramba. I'm getting
> snagged on the PyQt build.
> I've been having problems trying to get PyKDE installed on MDK9.1, so I
> upgraded to 9.2 and they are still popping up. First, python couldn't

Why don't you install pre-made, hastle free Mandrake 9.2 RPMs for PyKDE. :-)


It will save you a lot of trouble. A complete working set is available there.


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