[PyKDE] NewBQ - Signal has wrong argument types for slot - what's wrong?

Alan Prescott ajp at fudokai.org.uk
Fri Jan 23 19:04:00 GMT 2004

I'm new to Python, Qt and PyQt so this is probably just a simple 
misunderstanding of the syntax for signals & slots

<Code snippet>
class DlgDataBrowser(frmDataBrowser):
    def __init__(self, parent=None, name=None, modal=0, fl=0):
        frmDataBrowser.__init__(self, parent, name, fl)
        self.connect(self.dbrMemReg, SIGNAL('currentChanged(QSqlRecord)'),

    def test(self, *args):
        print 'New record'

</Code snippet>

Every time I try to run this it raises an error on the connect statement of
Signal has wrong argument types for slot
I've tried all sorts of ideas (some sane, some just plain daft) but I'm stuck. 
Could someone put me out of my misery please and point out just what I'm 
doing wrong.

-- Alan

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