[PyKDE] PyQt application packagers for windows?

Ulrich Berning ulrich.berning at desys.de
Thu Jan 22 17:29:00 GMT 2004

Roberto Alsina schrieb:

>I was just wondering. If someone writes a nice, very free (as in BSD or
>public domain) app using PyQt, would it be legal if someone having a
>windows license would pack it into an installer and distribute it?
>I know it wouldn't break the application license, and I am expecting it
>not to break the PyQt-windows license either.
>If the riverbank guys approve, this would be nice :-)
You are not allowed to distribute PyQt as dynamic loadable modules or a 
Python interpreter containing PyQt as builtin modules, because this 
would break the Qt commercial license. You either have to create a final 
executable with Python and PyQt linked in, or distribute your 
application without any PyQt components.


9.(vii) Applications may not pass on functionality which in any way 
makes it possible for others to create software with the Licensed Software;


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