[PyKDE] Including database support in Qt runtime

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Wed Jan 21 19:15:01 GMT 2004

On Wednesday 21 January 2004 2:03 am, Tuvi, Selim wrote:
> Hi all, I recently compiled Qt 3.2.3 under Windows XP and selected MySql
> and Oracle support as 'Direct' in Advanced Options.
> The problem is that whenever a Qt or PyQt application runs it expects the
> MySql and Oracle runtime libraries to be in the search path.
> We'd like to distribute our application to sites where only MySql, only
> Oracle, or neither may be installed.
> Is there a way of getting around this? If I build Qt and specify the
> database drivers as plugins, will the PyQt build still have support for
> them?

I don't see why not. PyQt doesn't know about the different databases.


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