[PyKDE] QComboTableItem problem

Lionel Roubeyrie lionel.roubeyrie at chello.fr
Sun Jan 18 18:35:01 GMT 2004

Le Dimanche 18 Janvier 2004 18:12, Sundance a écrit :
> Heya people,
> Been trying to help Lionel there for a while, but I must admit his
> problem really puzzles me. Anyone more experienced than me care to give
> us a hand? Thankies. :)
> Using Qt 3.2.3, Python 2.3.2, SIP 3.8 and PyQt 3.8.1, the code listed in
> the parent message works just fine here. Apparently Lionel's problem is
> that on his computer the QComboTableItem is NOT painted (meaning that
> there's a standard empty cell displayed instead), unless it is the
> currently selected item in the QTable. Did I get it right, Lionel?
You're right ! 

Lionel Roubeyrie
lionel.roubeyrie at chello.fr

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