[PyKDE] pykde-games

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sat Jan 17 06:12:01 GMT 2004

On Friday January 16 2004 15:41, Dan Keshet wrote:

> I want to write a kde game in python.  I take it from the
> mailing list that you have a tool (erm, presip?) that creates
> sip files automatically from header files, and that it would
> therefore be a waste of time for me to create the libkdegames
> header sip files by hand.  Is that correct?

Yes , but it isn't up-to-date with sip 3.9/4.0 and those will 
also greatly simplify the task (almost no handwritten code 
required anymore).

Avoiding a long explanation, if the vision problem I have 
persists, I might get back to PyKDE in the next few days, and 
the presip update is one on the next things I need to do. If my 
vision problem clears up, I'll be farsighted without proper 
glasses and may not be able to use the computer until the other 
eye is fixed in about two weeks. (I appreciate that sounds 
weird. My near vision is good at the moment, but shouldn't be).

If I don't post something by mid-week, bug me again and I'll 
update you.

> Thanks so much; I've been playing around with pyKDE and it's a
> world of fun.

My pleasure.


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