[PyKDE] Ximian Red Carpet

Ricardo Javier Cardenes Medina rcardenes at debian.org
Fri Jan 16 12:24:01 GMT 2004

On Thu, Jan 15, 2004 at 03:58:23PM -0500, Eron Lloyd wrote:
> This is a bit off-topic, but I'm sure there is some value in it. Since 
> upgrading my new distro, I thought I'd give the new Red Carpet a spin to 
> update everything. Upon trying to run it from the CLI, I came upon a python 
> traceback! Looking into the code, I realized that the entire thing is written 
> in python using PyGTK+! While they should've definately used PyQt, it's 

Well... You know, being a Ximian's product, it would show a lack of
confidence in their chosen toolkit (Gtk+) to program Red Carpet with Qt

> encouraging to see major enterprise apps looking to python as their 
> framework. It also looks like PyGTK+ has implemented somewhat of a clone of 
> signal/slots, with obj.emit() and obj.GTK_SIGNAL(). Next time someone says 
> that a good, solid solution can't be done using python and a GUI toolkit, 
> here's another case study.

Red Hat >= 8.0 system management is PyGtk+ based too. And you can see a
lot of other good programs out there.

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