[PyKDE] namespace meth_* members in sip4

Patrick Stinson ajole-1 at gci.net
Mon Jan 5 03:22:01 GMT 2004

from the module sip file:

%Module pkaudio

%Include pkglobal.sip
//%Include pk_alsaoutput.sip
//%Include pk_artsoutput.sip
%Include pk_output.sip
%Include pk_beatclock.sip
%Include pk_beatlistener.sip
%Include pk_effect.sip
%Include pk_engine.sip
%Include pk_iolayer.sip
//%Include pk_jackoutput.sip
%Include pk_layer.sip
%Include pk_medialayer.sip
%Include pk_module.sip
%Include pk_mididevice.sip
%Include pk_midilistener.sip
%Include pk_mixer.sip
%Include pk_musiclayer.sip
%Include pk_mutex.sip
%Include pk_oggdecoder.sip
%Include pk_peakreader.sip
%Include pk_port.sip
%Include pk_primarysegment.sip
%Include pk_rtaudiooutput.sip
%Include pk_sample.sip
%Include pk_segment.sip
%Include pk_tempodetector.sip
%Include pk_thread.sip
%Include pk_tracked.sip
%Include pk_waitcondition.sip
%Include pk_wavedecoder.sip

#include <pk.h>

namespace PK

  PK::MediaLayer *CreateMediaLayer(const char *);
  void SeperateStereo(PK::Segment *, PK::Segment *, PK::Segment *);
  float NominalTempo();
  void PrintSegment(PK::Segment *);
  //void PrintSegment(short *, uint);
  //void PrintSegment(float *, uint);
  bool Connected(PK::Module *, PK::Module *);
  PK::Engine *GetEngine();
  PK::Mixer *GetMixer(int=0);
  int NumMixers();
  int BufferSize();
  int SampleRate();


Each of the pk_*.sip files contain one or more classes defined within the PK 
namespace, and nothing more.
Other things (full project snaps, etc are here:)


On Sunday 04 January 2004 01:34, Phil Thompson wrote:
> On Saturday 03 January 2004 9:42 pm, Patrick Stinson wrote:
> > In upgrading from sip3.8 to the latest sip4 snapshot, I'm having problems
> > with namespace member methods.
> >
> > After finding some minor filename changes, I found that sip4 doesn't seem
> > to define the methods residing in the namespace I've created. The
> > PyMethodDef struct is there, but gcc complains about the meth_* objects
> > not being defined. The corresponding cpp file doesn't include them, and a
> > grep reveals that they are not in the directory. Is there a new flag I
> > need that sip3 didn't? Couldn't find anything in ChangeLog.
> Can you send me a .sip file that demonstrates the problem?
> Phil
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