[PyKDE] namespace meth_* members in sip4

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sun Jan 4 08:41:01 GMT 2004

On Saturday January 3 2004 13:42, Patrick Stinson wrote:
> In upgrading from sip3.8 to the latest sip4 snapshot, I'm
> having problems with namespace member methods.

> After finding some minor filename changes, I found that sip4
> doesn't seem to define the methods residing in the namespace
> I've created. The PyMethodDef struct is there, but gcc
> complains about the meth_* objects not being defined. The
> corresponding cpp file doesn't include them, and a grep
> reveals that they are not in the directory. Is there a new
> flag I need that sip3 didn't? Couldn't find anything in
> ChangeLog.

Phil's most recent two snapshots take care of some problems with 
virtual methods that return a reference and some type name 
errors with namespace'd stuff, eg something like 
sipNamespace::sipClass_method vs sipNamespace_sipClass_method 
plus some other related generation problems (and sipNamespace:: 
doesn't and shouldn't exist). The snapshot before the 12/31 
snapshot fixed the namespace stuff; the ref stuff should be 
fixed in the 12/31 snapshot itself. 

Some of the more esoteric stuff doesn't get caught until PyKDE is 
built against a new sip version, as PyQt doesn't use these 


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