[PyKDE] Newbie needs help with setCellWidget

Richard Van Den Boom rvdboom at free.fr
Sat Jan 3 17:28:01 GMT 2004

Hi, everybody.

I'm a very inexperienced programmer trying to write a very crude animation 
application using Python and PyQT. I help my wife who's in the process of 
making a short animation movie, basically writing scripts which use 
"ImageMagick" and "transcode" to create movie sequences and video 
exportation. My only programming experience was in Fortran so I'm a bit slow 
right now... :-)
I basically created some classes in Python which allow me to do the basic 
manipulations on sequences I want and I'm currently trying to build a small 
GUI for that.

I'm currently fumbling to get the proper QT object that would allow me to 
add/move/remove/ shots and transitions to a kind of simple cutting table 
(using just one track with no sound, I'm not writing Premiere yet). QListView 
was not appropriate (I have for each sequence about 12 parameters and 12 
columns for each entry makes the whole thing unreadable). I tried to simply 
add QFrames to a QGroupBox (yes, I know...) but I can't manage to have a 
scrollbar appear when the amount of widgets get too big.
I finally checked QTable and the ability to add Widget to a Cell seemed to be 
good enough for me.
The problem is that I can't manage to get it working. How do you create the 
Widget you plan to add? Does it need to have the QTable as parent? 
I created my own class derived from QFrame and this is the widget I would like 
to get into. But either it is created in its own window (when not created as 
child of the QTable) or it appears above the QTable (when created as child). 
It tried not to create anything before running the setCellWidget but it 
doesn't work either and yields no message.

Is there anyone able to provide me with the correct way to add this using 
Python? I don't know C++ at all, so don't point me to examples in this 
language : I already checked QT docs about that and could not make anything 
useful out of it.
If you have any suggestion about a simpler way to implement what I need, I'm 
also very interested.

Thanks for any response.

Best regards,


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