[PyKDE] Direction of output

ml at www.prostatepointers.org ml at www.prostatepointers.org
Wed Feb 18 20:55:00 GMT 2004

> Sounds like you're seeking some kind of IPC... depending on your
> environment, you probably want to look into something like CORBA, COM,
> or KDE's DCOP.  If you are writing all applications, sockets should
> work. Otherwise, it would get complicated rather quickly as you'd have
> to interface with a totally autonomous app, which would need some sort
> of interface. I suppose SOAP was supposed to fix all this...


> Come to think about it, you could also try working with QProcess... it
> all depends on the app, though.

Thanks for the replies, Eron.  I will look into DCOP.  I don't think
QProcess will help me since the app is unknown and not started by my pyqt

I am interested in creating a free version of the windoze program
typeitin.  It lets you generate an arbitrary number of buttoms, each
corresponding to an appropriate phrase.  For example, you might have To:,
From:, password and so on.  You focus on the target form, click on the
appropriate typeitin button and you have the desired text transferred.

An acquaintence is trying to transition from windowsXp to linux.  She
maintains a large number of mailing lists and "typeitin" saves her an
immense amount of typing.  So, I thought I would look into creating a
version for her.



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