[PyKDE] Fonts of QLabels and QTextEdits

dan at tombstonezero.net dan at tombstonezero.net
Sat Feb 14 23:38:01 GMT 2004


I'm running PyQt and sip 20040104, Qt/Mac 3.2.3, MacPython 2.3.3,
and Mac OS X 10.2.8.  I have two font-related problems/questions:

1.  Why are all my QLabel fields smaller than my QTextEdit and
    QLineEdit fields?  It looks like the editable fields are
    picking up Mac OS X's default font, Lucida Grande 13, but that
    the labels are maybe only 10 or 11 point.  I don't call any
    font or style functions.

2.  I have one user-editable QTextEdit field whose font I *used
    to* set to Courier 11 by passing QFont( "Courier", 11 ) to its
    setCurrentFont method from __init__.  That worked fine, but
    *sometimes* it would revert to Lucida Grande 13 after I called
    its clear method (which is connected directly to a PYSIGNAL).
    Any ideas why/when this might happen?

Also, these questions seem more Qt related than PyQt related; are
they better asked on the Qt- mailing list?


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