[review] [PyKDE] pykde build failure

Florian Idelberger florian.idelberger at linomail.de
Sat Feb 14 21:37:00 GMT 2004

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after doing as you said I now get:
florian at zitto:~/PyKDE-3.8.0$ python build.py -q /usr/share/qt3/

Building PyKDE 3.8 on linux2.

Python version is 2.3
Python parent directory is /usr/lib/python2.3
Python library directory is /usr/lib/python2.3/config
Python include directory is /usr/include/python2.3

Home directory is /home/florian

sip code generator path (sip) is /usr/bin
sip version is sna
sip lib directory (libsip*) is /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages
sip include directory (sipQt.h) is /usr/include/python2.3

Qt3 parent directory is /usr/share/qt3/
Qt3 lib directory (libqt-mt.so.3) is /usr/share/qt3/lib
Qt3 include directory (qglobal.h) is /usr/share/qt3/include
qglobal.h ['/usr/share/qt3/include', ['/usr/share/qt3/lib']]
Qt version is 3.2.3

PyQt lib directory is /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages
PyQt lib version is snapshot-20040104

*** Error: PyQt sip files directory -- not found
~ (['../', '/usr/local/', '/usr/local/src/', '/usr/src/',
'/usr/share/sip', '/usr/local/share/sip', '/usr/share/sip/qt'],

Please review the installation documentation before reporting errors
When reporting errors, include the complete output of this program

florian at zitto:~/PyKDE-3.8.0$
Jim Bublitz wrote:

| On Friday February 13 2004 04:13, Florian Idelberger wrote:
|> After some dependency problems I've got a problem which I haven't
|> been able to solve until now. when type python build.py to build
|> pykde, I get the following error:
|> Traceback (most recent call last): File "build.py", line 1038, in
|> ? main (sys.argv) File "build.py", line 989, in main dis =
|> Discovery (opts, usingSip, usingQt, usingPyQt, usingKDE,
|> usingPyKDE, isPyKDE) File "build/discover.py", line 483, in
|> __init__ self.discoverQt3 (opts) File "build/discover.py", line
|> 608, in discoverQt3 self.qtIncl = DiscoverQt3Incl ("qglobal.h",
|> [os.path.join (self.qt.path, "include"), qtInclDir]) File
|> "build/discover.py", line 202, in __init__ Discover.__init__
|> (self, target, searchPath) File "build/discover.py", line 45, in
|> __init__ self.search (target, searchEntry) File
|> "build/discover.py", line 58, in search if os.path.isdir
|> (searchEntry)\ File "/usr/lib/python2.3/posixpath.py", line 187,
|> in isdir st = os.stat(path) TypeError: coercing to Unicode: need
|> string or buffer, list found florian at zitto:~/PyKDE-3.8.0$
|> Any ideas? Tthanks in advance, florian
| I don't recall seeing this before. Could you try the following:
| 1. In PyKE-3.8/build/discover.py: add:
| print target, searchPath
| after line 202 in DiscoverQt3Incl.__init__
| 2. target should be qglobal.h - could you check whatever prints for
| searchPath, and see if qglobal.h is there (I suspect the
| searchPath, won't be correct in the first place).
| Let me know what you find.
| Thanks
| Jim
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