[PyKDE] PyKDE Valentine's Day Update

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Fri Feb 13 07:18:00 GMT 2004

PyKDE is going nicely - all issues with sip 3.10/3.11 have been 
resolved (except one, about which I haven't provided good info 
to Phil, and it isn't a major problem). PyKDE builds, links and 
runs using the sip snapshots (will require sip 3.11), and using 
a configure.py similar to what sip and PyQt use (and depends on 
those as well).

Remaining work - I need to update my sip file generation tool to 
sip 3.10/sip 4, which is mostly done. When that's complete, I'll 
have a PyKDE that supports KDE 3.1.5, and supporting KDE 3.2 
shouldn't take more than a few days.  I also need to update the 
documentation generation (which also shouldn't take too long).
After that, I need a few days to test against various versions 
and distributions.

I'm hoping to have a release in 7-10 days, but that's not a 
promise. For anyone interested in presip, I should be able to 
send out a tarball of that about the same time, although it's 
still a long way to an actual release of that.


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