[PyKDE] PyKDE update 2/6/04

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sat Feb 7 05:14:27 GMT 2004

PyKDE (as of about 30 seconds ago) now builds with sip/PyQt 3.10+ 
using the same basic build system ('configure.py' and friends) 
as sip/PyQt 3.10 (actually it's pretty close to 3.11, so that'll 
probably be the number on the next PyKDE release).

Left to do - converting %MemberCode to %MethodCode and updating 
presip for those so I can generate code for KDE 3.1.5/KDE3.2.; 
testing on various platforms; regenerate the docs.

Changes - not much as far as your code or PyKDE features, but: 

+ Panel applet support is out for at least this release (it 
really belongs in a different package, and will probably end up 
that way)

+ PyKDE now *requires* Python >= 2.3.0 and also *requires* that 
you build sip and PyQt using configure.py for each (they develop 
and store installation info that PyKDE needs).

+ KDE 3.1.5 and 3.2 support

+ Hopefully no (or at least fewer) build problems - the system 
Phil developed for sip/PyQt is much cleaner and easier to work 
with, and therefore the resulting PyKDE configure.py is also. 
There no longer is a 'standalone' build.py for PyKDE.

+ Should be sip 4.0 compatible, but haven't explored that yet.

I'll have a better idea early next week where the release stands 
and will update again then.


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