[PyKDE] Trying to upgrade KDE 3.2 on Redhat 9.0 using latest PyQt

Salman Sheikh sheikh at pop500.gsfc.nasa.gov
Wed Feb 4 20:37:01 GMT 2004

I needed PyQt for this and it was not found on the KDE site.

So, I installed PyQT-3.7-1 and its devel

and qscintilla and its devel

and sip and its devel from the Redhat 9.0 rpms on the PyQt site.


when I try to install the qt from KDE 3.2 I get:

error: Failed dependencies:
         libqassistantclient.so.1 is needed by (installed) PyQt-3.7-1

But I already installed PyQt using the rpm -Uvh PyQt*

In the currently installed qt-3.1.1-6 from Redhat, I found

  rpm -ql qt|grep assistant

and in the one provided by
qt-3.2.3-0.2.i386.rpm I found no qassitant.

Any suggestions of what I can do?


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