[PyKDE] Using KParts

Troy Melhase troy at gci.net
Mon Dec 13 01:38:47 GMT 2004

On Thursday 09 December 2004 10:26 pm, Patrick Stinson wrote:

> kparts.createReadWritePart('kwritepart') # can't remember the exact syntax

This has worked for me in the past:

from kio import KTrader
from kparts import createReadOnlyPart, createReadWritePart

def buildPart(parent, query, contraint, writable=False):
    """ builds the first available offered part on the parent

    offers = KTrader.self().query(query, contraint)
        ptr = offers[0]
    except (IndexError, TypeError, ), te:
    if writable:
        builder = createReadWritePart
        builder = createReadOnlyPart
    return builder(ptr.library(), parent, ptr.name())

Then later, it's used like so:

    query = "Type == 'Service' and Name == 'Embedded Advanced Text Editor'"
    part = buildPart(self, 'application/x-python', query, True)
    if not part:
        print 'Ack!  No part available for displaying python source'

Hope this helps.

Troy Melhase, troy at gci.net
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