[PyKDE] Eric3 First impressions and questions

Detlev Offenbach detlev at die-offenbachs.de
Fri Apr 30 13:20:01 BST 2004

Am Dienstag, 27. April 2004 23:34 schrieb Kirill Lapshin:
> Detlev Offenbach wrote:
> >Thanks, for your encouraging words.
> You are welcome. IMO, eric is much better then most commercial
> offerings. The only obstacle for making it the tool of choice in my
> company is Qt, PyQt licenses for windows platform. We'll have to
> figure it out with Trolltech and Riverbank. I guess in worst case
> we'll shell out money for BlackAdder just to get those licenses.
> BTW, question to list: what is the easiest/cheapest way to run Eric on
> Windows?
> >>1. For some reason profile and coverage statistics does not work for
> >>me. They run but don't show any reports. Right click on source file
> >> -> "Show" submenu has "Code coverage" and "Profile data" entries
> >> but they
> >
> >Are there files ending in '.profile' or '.coverage' located in the
> >directory of the file? Did you run them on the script or on the
> > project? Maybe you can send a testfile and step by step instructions
> > on how to reproduce the problem.
> Yes, files with .profile, .timing and .coverage got created. Try to
> use attached test.e3p and test.py.
> 1. Open test.e3p project
> 2. Open (double click) test.py
> 3. Right click on editor pane, select Show submenu, notice that only
> "Code metrics" is active.
> 4. Run script (RS from toolbar), you'll get typical unittest output
> "Ran 1 test".
> 5. Profile script (PS from toolbar), you'll get "Ran 0 tests" output.
> (this operation creates test.profile and test.timings files)
> 6. Right click on editor pane, select Show submenu, notice that only
> "Code metrics" is active.
> 7. Run coverage report on script (CS from toolbar), you'll get "Ran 1
> test" output. (this operation creates test.coverage file)
> 8. Right click on editor pane, select Show submenu, notice that only
> "Code metrics" is active.
> Note: it is likely to be a problem with project file. When script ran
> outside of a project everything works fine.

Thanks, I'll check this.

> While looking into this, I notices another bug (?). Try to create new
> project, select main folder, enter name, enter main script (all
> folders/files selected via file selector, not typed in). Hit Ok. New
> project gets created, but it does not have any files in it. I would
> expect to see script, which I selected as Main script, to be
> automatically added to project.

Valid point. That's an oversight on my side, which will be corrected.

> I am using Debian unstable. Python 2.3.3, Eric 3.4.1
> >>are inactive. Another weird thing is that when I am trying to
> >> profile my unittest I get "0 tests run" in the report. Tests set up
> >> in usual way
> >>
> >>if __name__=='__main':
> >>    unittest.main()
> >
> >Please send a little test script showing this behavior.
> See above.
> >>2. There are quite a lot of small annoyances with keyboard
> >> shortcuts. I am an emacs user, so I wanted to customize shortcuts
> >> to be close to emacs'. Obvious shortcoming is that there are no
> >> double keystrokes (e.g. C-X C-S). That's probably not that easy to
> >> implement, oh well.
> >
> >I'll look into this but won't promise anything.
> Yeah, I understand this. It certainly looks like more then few lines
> of code, while probably not so many customers really need it.

I gave it try over here and double keystrokes seem to work (at least with 
the qscintilla snapshot).

> >>Even more annoying is that certain commands are not configurable.
> >> For example there is no way to change "Go to line" keystroke.
> >> Alt-BS performs undo, even though it is not listed as a registered
> >> combination for Undo. I tried to assign Alt-BS to delete word on
> >> the left, and shortcut configuration dialog allowed me to do that,
> >> but Alt-BS still does undo. I am sure there are more things like
> >> this, that's just something I noticed in first couple of hours.
> >
> >That's a bug which needs fixing.
> Ok, I'll report more shortcut weirdness if I see it.

The a.m. bug is only fixable, if you upgrade to a very recent QScintilla.

Detlev Offenbach
detlev at die-offenbachs.de

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