[PyKDE] Interest in PyQt wiki?

Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Wed Apr 28 00:59:01 BST 2004

Jonathan Gardner schrieb:
> On Tuesday 27 April 2004 11:39 am, Torsten Marek wrote:
>>>I'd be willing to help you get moinmoin working on your server. I've
>>>done it before at home. I know that the moinmoin wiki is a bit
>>>processor / memory / disk intensive, but traffic shouldn't be that
>>Traffic is not my concern. We have 100 GiB/month...
> Bandwidth won't be your limiting factor -- your system's CPU / Memory and 
> hard drive times will be. Again, traffic will be light and it will grow 
> over time predictably so we will be able to anticipate any problems with 
> moinmoin and go from CGI to mod_python or whatever as needed.
CPU and harddisk are fast enough, but maybe memory might get short over 
time. I have to check if it's possible to upgrade it someday.

>>>Q. When I am compiling SIP, why does it disable Qt support?
>>>A. You need to set the QTDIR environment variable properly.
>>Yes, I thought of exactly that question, even before today.
>>Maybe it is possible to add a link to the wiki to the mailing list
>>footer, too, so that people go there first.
> Remember, Phil Thompson is trying to make a buck with PyQt, so we need to 
> keep his site as the center of PyQt. That has been the limiting factor in 
> the past: Phil likes to keep people coming to his site, and he is the only 
> one who updates it. The wiki will have to feel like an extension of his 
> site, with prominent links to his business.

I do want nothing else.
I had made a short list of what to include, and we should put a 
reminder/link on the possibility of donating to riverbank, if somebody 
wants to help.

> With the right response from the community, Phil may host the wiki outright.
>>Ok, I will have a closer look at it (whether I use cgi (fastcgi only
>>works with Apache 1.3, mod_python etc.). I'll contact then.
> Start with vanilla CGI on apache, then work from there. By the time we need 
> something faster, the landscape will have changed and we'll be looking at 
> totally different options.

So, the plan of action should be:
- setting up the wiki (not to troublesome since there is a Debian 
package of it)
- filling it with initial content + some design adaption
- ask Phil to spend a look at it and give some suggestions
- make it public, once he is satisfied


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