[PyKDE] Interest in PyQt wiki?

Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Tue Apr 27 20:40:00 BST 2004

Jonathan Gardner schrieb:

>>Hello all,
>>is anybody interested into a PyQt wiki? I'd sponsor a server for it and
>>try to set it up then (maybe somebody could give me a hint and/or a
>>helping hand).
Hm, I maybe forgot, but this should be a wiki not _only_ for PyQt, but 
all sip-related GUI (PyQt, PyKDE, PyQwt as well?) programming with eric3 
as the natural IDE choice + sip bindings generation. I hope I did not 
insult anyone by ignoring him.
> I think a PyQt specific Wiki would be the best way to start getting PyQt 
> content on the web. I think it's a good idea. I remember trying to get 
> moinmoin to work on sourceforge, but I failed miserably as they don't have 
> the right version of python on the servers.
> I'd be willing to help you get moinmoin working on your server. I've done it 
> before at home. I know that the moinmoin wiki is a bit processor / memory / 
> disk intensive, but traffic shouldn't be that heavy.
Traffic is not my concern. We have 100 GiB/month...
>>I only had a short look at the available solutions (in Python, of
>>course...), but maybe moinmoin (http://moin.sf.net), might be a good one.
>>Suggested content:
>>- FAQ
> Q. When I am compiling SIP, why does it disable Qt support?
> A. You need to set the QTDIR environment variable properly.
Yes, I thought of exactly that question, even before today.
Maybe it is possible to add a link to the wiki to the mailing list 
footer, too, so that people go there first.
> Q. Why is PyQt crashing?
> A. You need to have compatible versions of PyQt and Sip.
> Q. When is PyKDE version X coming out?
> A. Soon.
> ;-)
>>- Sample code
>>- Building + Install instructions (e.g. how to include PyQt into Python)
>>- links to other intros (e.g. the ones by Roberto Alsina)
>>- intros and howtos
> Excellent suggestion.
Ok, I will have a closer look at it (whether I use cgi (fastcgi only 
works with Apache 1.3, mod_python etc.). I'll contact then.

best greetings


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