[PyKDE] PyKDE 3.11alpha6

Steven Robson s.a.robson at sms.ed.ac.uk
Sat Apr 24 18:33:07 BST 2004

On Saturday 24 April 2004 15:38, Jim Bublitz wrote:
> On Saturday April 24 2004 05:37, Steven Robson wrote:
> > I've done what you suggested, and it gets even further now.
> > But it still fails with kjspart0.cpp, error log enlosed.
> In kjs/lookup.sip, you can try uncommenting the variables in
> HashEntry and HashTable. Remove the entire "//ig" for each.
> Beyond that I don't have a suggestion, and I have to leave in a
> few minutes for a meeting so I can't do any testing at the
> moment.
> I suspect those are commented out because they cause problems on
> some other platform.
> You can save some time by doing:
>     python configure.py -lkjs: && make
> where '-l' is a lower case 'L'. With the ':', it will only
> regenerate (and therefore only recompile) from the kjs module
> forward - saves a lot of time.
> Jim

Those uncommentings didn't seem to have any effect, it still gets stuck on the 
same line. 

Thanks for the time again, hope your meeting went ok.


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