[PyKDE] pyqt on macos not functional

Jay Lyerly jayl at ceintl.com
Tue Apr 6 17:08:00 BST 2004


I think I must be doing something bone-headed, but I can't get PyQt on  
Macos to work.

I've compiled the following on OSX 10.3.2

qt-mac-free 3.3.1
PyQt-mac-gpl 3.11
sip 3.10

Everything compiled okay and installed.  (I had to coax a few things  
since OSX wants shared libraries to be .bundle's and not .so's)  When I  
run any of the examples, or a simple helloworld, I get nothing.  Top  
shows python start up, do some work for a few seconds and then cpu  
usage drops to zero.

python -vv foo.py shows the loading of all the shared objects and stops  

import sip # dynamically loaded from  
import qt # dynamically loaded from  

and it just sits there.  No gui, no nothing.  Behaviour is the same  
with python and pythonw.  (pythonw does start up the dock icon.)

I'm confused by the lack of errors.  Do I need a snapshot or something  
instead of the realease code?

thanks for any suggestions,

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