[PyKDE] PyKDE update

Roland Schulz mail at r2s2.de
Mon Sep 29 11:53:01 BST 2003


Am Montag, 29. September 2003 07:38 schrieb Jim Bublitz:
> David and I appear to have worked out a solution to the problem
> of kicker loading multiple Python-based panel applets on a
> restart, although it needs some cleaning up and testing. David
> has also sent me code for writing KControl stuff using Python,
> and a patch that puts the panel applet installer in the Control
> Center - I haven't had a chance to test that yet, but expect it
> will work. If I have time and don't run into too many problems,
> I'll probably add the ability to write panel extensions from
> Python. I'm also planning on making it possible to write KParts
> in Python, and probably will steal David's stuff for IOSlaves
> eventually. I expect that to be a little more involved and
> probably won't put it in the next release.
I had to many tests at university to look at getting QtDesigner Plugins to 
work. Has someone taken a look at it in the meantime? Any advices how I 
should starting this now that I have a little bit of time?

> I also have completely new documentation generation working -
> you'll end up with two choices: you can use a provided
> documentation reader. or you can generate a complete HTML class
> reference. The HTML runs about 3MB. The reader generates HTML on
> the fly and the data file is only about 600KB.  The new docs
> provide a Python formatted description for every method and also
> provide links to the KDE classref docs. The reader has two panes
> - one for the PyKDE docs and one for the linked KDE docs. The
> generator for the full HTML docs will set the same links if
> provided with the path to the KDE classref docs. The reader also
> allows you to add your own annotation to the docs, and the
> annotations are kept in a separate file and should survive
> version changes. I have some work to do to make this installable
> and usable, but it seems to work pretty well.
Is this also possible for the QT Documentation?

> I've also test-generated PyKDE3.2alpha1 and fixed a few problems
> with my sip file generator. I won't be releasing a PyKDE version
> for PyKDE3.2 until I can get KDE3.2 binaries to install and test
> against - compiling KDE from source just looks too
> time-consuming at the moment. 

Do you know of Konstruct (http://developer.kde.org/build/konstruct/)? I works 
very good. This way it only takes long for the computer ;-). In case you have 
SuSE I could also send you the compiled bineries as tgz. Creating rpm would 
take too much time I guess. All just in case you're intrested. I don't need 
PyKDE3.2 at the moment.


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