[PyKDE] KControl modules - a warning

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Mon Sep 22 00:51:01 BST 2003

Back in August I released a framework for KControl modules which I was
pretty sure didn't suffer from the same problems as panel applets.
I thought that the Control Centre would only load and unload the shared
libraries used for each module when required, ensuring that only one Python
module was ever running at once.

Looking more closely, it seems that not only can more than one module be
loaded at once, but that there is no equivalent work-around to the one
suggested by Jim for panel applets. Running modules with the kcmshell tool
works fine, but they won't play together nicely in the Control Centre; this
is a shame because I adapted Jim's panel applet installer to work as a
module. :-(

So, it looks like some serious examination of Python's threading issues is
in order. Otherwise, I can only imagine a solution involving writing a
wrapper for each sort of shared library used by KDE when we want to use
Python in some embedded form.

Unless anyone has some badly needed insight into the situation?



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