[PyKDE] Some suggestions about PyQT

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sat Sep 20 04:51:01 BST 2003

> I have some suggestion about PyQT,

> 1. PyQT build system shoud support make DESTDIR=... install to 
> allow easier package making (I've manually edited the 
> Makefile's to make my Slackware PyQT package).

    python build.py -d <install dir>

(or python build.py -h)

> 2. PyQt should install in site-packages/PyQT or
> site-packages/qt perhaps, instead of puting a lot of files in 
> site-packages directly. I guess a clever use of __init__.py
>  would make this change transparent.

You can do that with -d


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