[PyKDE] QString strangeness

shane richards shanerich at email.com
Tue Sep 16 01:34:01 BST 2003

Just wondering how you keep an "=" sign in QString/QStringList, when passing
the list or string around?

I am trying to launch a command line program as a process, with
arguments sent in the form:

command -okey=arg1 -okey=arg2

(with no spaces inside the key/value pairs).

the following shows the idea - get a key/value and place 
the "-o" switch and the "=" sign to form an argument:

keyval = QString(" -o%1=%2").arg(key).arg(val)
print ("%s" % (keyval)) # returns what I want
proc = QProcess(self)

But if I use 'ps ax' to view the running processes on my system, "=" sign will 
have disappeared on the command line! It shall remain if I wrap it in spaces 

keyval = QString(" -o%1 = %2").arg(key).arg(val)

But for some reason this plays havoc with the running process and eats all my 

I have noticed the same problem running programs from the 'tools' menu in  
eric-3.x. Any "=" sign just disappears. Anyone have a solution?


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