[PyKDE] dateEdit error msg on signal

Paul Evans pevans at catholic.org
Thu Sep 11 22:00:01 BST 2003


This isn't hurting anything, I just wonder how I caused it. I have this 

self.connect(self.dateStart, SIGNAL("valueChanged(const QDate&)"), 

and I thought it was working quietly last night just fine (I could be wrong). 
I *think* all I did after was rename some unrelated widgets. Now, it 
continues to function fine; it still sends me the date and everything, but it 
spits out:

'schededit.dateStart_valueChanged(const QDate&): Not implemented yet'

Any idea what I should change? QdateEdit is fully implemented, so I must have 
done something wrong.

I'm using PyQt3.7-1.mdk

Regards, Paul Evans

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