[PyKDE] problem with libsip on AIX

Michal Drozd mdrozd at legato.com
Mon Sep 8 21:50:01 BST 2003

Hi all,

I have a problem importing libsip during startup of a python/qt application
on AIX 5.1.

Some background:
I am trying to get a GUI running on several platforms.  The application was
originally developed using python and qt on Solaris and Windows, with future
platform support in mind.  So far, I have managed to get it working on HP-UX
11, without major obstacles.
On AIX, everything started fairly well - I only had to modify few makefiles
to add python2.2 to the LIBS list for the tools to build (maybe this was a
first indication of some mistake on my part - shouldn't libpython2.2 be
included in the LIBS list if it was necessary?).
Once I had all the supporting tools and libraries built, my app built
without problems.
But an attempt to run the application resulted in "ImportError: no module
named libsip" from qt.py, line "import libsip"
A quick investigation revealed that python searches for libsip.so, but the
sip installation only created a link libsip.a -> libsip.so.10.1.0
I tried creating libsip.so -> libsip.so.10.1.0, just to see what would
happen, and got a Segmentation Fault on "import libsip"
It appears that my sip library is not built correctly for use on AIX, but I
cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.

Can anyone help me out with this problem?  Is anyone using
python/qt/sip/pyqt on AIX? (there does not seem to be many AIX related posts
in the arvchive).

My configuration:
- AIX 5.1
- python 2.2.3
- Qt 3.1.2
- sip 3.7
- PyQt 3.7
- qscintilla 1.53

All tools were built with --prefix=... (since I cannot write to /usr/local),
python was built with --disable-ipv6 and qt was built with -thread.  Other
than that, default settings were used.

Thanks in advance,
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