[PyKDE] Problem installing PyQT on Windows 2000

Tony Cappellini tony at tcapp.com
Mon Sep 8 20:32:01 BST 2003

Wehn I installed PyQT 3.7 on a Windows 2000 system, the installer put the
installation in a completely different directory than I specified. As a
result, it cannot be imported.

SO I've tried 3.8nc, and had a similar problem.

I've installed over 20 python packages, and never had any problems during
the installation, nor importing them after. This is the first installer
that has been problematic.

I'm curious- why doesn't the installer for PyQT jut put it under the
site-packages directory, like all the other Python packages ????
IT seems to be the logical place to be.

Did I overlook something ?

Has anyone else had similar problems on Windows ?


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