[PyKDE] Subclasses are working well.

Angel Lopez Muñoz lopez at esrf.fr
Fri Oct 31 09:46:01 GMT 2003

Hi everybody,
I have followed the idea of Roland about subclassing and I have learned the 
reason to do that and I hope I'm doing it well.

Nevertheless I have not been able to perform a click (i.e.) in a button on 
a widget and show another window.

I have written an example quite simple, really two examples, one which only 
uses a window (widget is more correct??) and another one which (try) to 
show a second widget.

Could I send the code here o directly to some of you and someone could take 
a look into it just to say what is wrong??? I'll be very grateful for it.

Thank you again in advance.


PS.: I have no intention of bombing you with more code to correct. It is 
only this little (I think) problem just to get some idea of how to do it 
well. ; )

Angel Lopez Muñoz
Spanish CRG BeamLine
at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

6, Rue Jules Horowitz
ESRF-B. P. 220
F-38043 Grenoble Cedex 09

Tel. +33-(0)476882449
Fax +33-(0)476882816

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