[PyKDE] Binding special connect functions

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien at dental-on-line.fr
Mon Oct 27 10:09:01 GMT 2003

Hi list!

I'm trying to bind some special connect functions with SIP 3.7. The C++ code 
looks like this:
namespace DolSphinx {
void connectVolumeChanged(QObject* object, const char* receiver);

Based on the QTimer sip code, I tried something like this:
void connectVolumeChanged(SIP_RXOBJ_CON,SIP_SLOT_CON());

But it doesn't work: the C++ signal to which this function connects is :
void volumeChanged(int)

The binding compiles correctly, I can connect a slot using 
"connectVolumeChanged" from my Python code, but whenever the "volumeChanged" 
signal is emitted, I get TypeError messages like this:
TypeError: setValue() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given)

It seems the emitted signal does not contain my "int" parameter.

What's the way to bind this kind of code?

Thanks for any help

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