[PyKDE] ANN: SIP v4.0pre2

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Tue Oct 21 19:27:00 BST 2003

SIP v4.0pre2 is now available for download at the usual place. With this 
release there is a separate package for MacOS/X - and there are now PyQt 
snapshots for MacOS/X. (Note, if you've already downloaded a MacOS/X PyQt 
snapshot today, get it again just to make sure you've got the latest.)

Changes since v4.0pre1:

- Generated code (eg. PyQt) builds under Windows and MacOS/X.

- Generated code compiles without warnings using -Wall with g++ (and the 
equivalent for Windows and MacOS/X).

- Generated code now uses the new GIL functions described in PEP 311. This 
means it is no longer necessary for handwritten code to manage the GIL so 
"correctly". (Although PyQt still does for SIP v3.) It also means that SIP 
generated modules should work better with non-SIP generated modules that 
don't manage the GIL properly (ie. Boost modules).

- Support for class variables.

- Support for namespaces.

This means that SIP v4 is now as functional as SIP v3. I'm also pretty 
confident about stability and bugs (the lack of). I encourage people to 

The only significant changes planned before the final release are build system 
changes and documentation.


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