[PyKDE] KDE 3.1.3 + Python 2.3 + PyKDE 3.7-4

Simon Edwards simon at simonzone.com
Sat Oct 18 10:22:00 BST 2003

On Saturday 18 October 2003 05:01, caffeine at tuxfamily.org wrote:
> I had all sorts of problems getting a pyKDE install working with 
> mandrake 9.1 (standard sourceforge pyKDE-pyQt-sip etc... RPMs). Someone 
> on this list suggested upgrading KDE, which I did using the Texstar 
> archive (see http://plf.zarb.org/~nanardon for details). It worked for 
> me (KDE 3.1.4) 

Nice to hear actually, (the 'it worked' part :-) )

> problem is, mdk 9.2 ships with KDE 3.1.3 Maybe you could  
> compile yourself a KDE 3.1.4 tarball...

The main difference is the new Python version 2.3. When I get it all sorted 
out I'll be posting the RPMs on sourceforge.


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