[PyKDE] KDE 3.1.3 + Python 2.3 + PyKDE 3.7-4

Simon Edwards simon at simonzone.com
Fri Oct 17 23:53:01 BST 2003


I'm trying to compile a working PyKDE on my new Mandrake 9.2-mobile, but I'm 
having trouble. Is this config known to work with PyQt 3.7 and PyKDE 3.7-4?

KDE 3.1.3
Python 2.3

I'm seeing:

sip/kzip.sip: In function `PyObject* sipConvertFrom_ulonglong(ulonglong*)':
sip/kzip.sip:153: error: `LONG_LONG' undeclared (first use this function)
sip/kzip.sip:153: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for 
each function it appears in.)
sip/kzip.sip:153: error: syntax error before `)' token
sip/kzip.sip: In function `PyObject* sipConvertFrom_longlong(longlong*)':
sip/kzip.sip:115: error: syntax error before `)' token
make[1]: *** [kiohuge0.o] Error 1

or should I just wait for 3.8?


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