[PyKDE] PyQT and QPE/Zaurus coding tips

Paul Evans pevans at catholic.org
Thu Oct 16 20:21:01 BST 2003

On October 16, 2003 05:39 am, Trevor Phillips wrote:
> Firstly, how can I associate an icon with my Widget/App, such that the
> icon will appear in the Qtopia/Opie task-bar?

from qtpe import QPEApplication
then use QPEApplication throughout instead of QApplication

Sorry, I don't know how to disallow multiple instances on the Z.

I have my own question on this too: I can't use popen unless I exec myself 
from a script rather than directly from an icon. Does anyone know the fix for 
that? This is only under qtopia on the Zaurus.

Regards, Paul Evans

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