[PyKDE] ANN: SIP v4.0pre1 Released

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Thu Oct 16 19:35:01 BST 2003

SIP v4.0pre1 is now available for download from the usual place. You will need 
a current PyQt snapshot, Qt v3.0.0 or later and Python v2.3 or later.

Don't use it for production work.

What works...

- Modules now follow the rules for Python extension modules. I'm interested in 
any feedback on building on MacOS/X.

- New-style classes are used.

- PyQt builds without problems. All PyQt examples, tutorials and internal unit 
tests seem to work.

What doesn't work...

- Support for C++ instance variables has yet to be added (Qt v3 doesn't have 

- The Windows version is untested.

Installation is identical to current SIP v3 snapshots. I would recommend 
removing SIP v3 first and any PyQt modules, ie. clean out your site-packages 

Alternatively, after building PyQt with SIP v4 you could move the .so files 
from site-packages to a new sip4 sub-directory of site-packages. Then create 
an empty __init__.py file in the same directory. Then change your scripts to 
do "import sip4.qt as qt".

Bug reports - however trivial - welcome.


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