[PyKDE] namespaces in sip

Patrick Stinson ajole-1 at gci.net
Thu Oct 16 07:53:01 BST 2003

namespace PK
class A {};

namespace PK
class B{};

%Module PK
%Include a.sip
%Include b.sip

/* same as a.h */

/* same as b.h */

I'm working on modifying my sip project to include a lot of classes all 
contained in the same C++ namespace. What is the correct way to organize the 
sip files? Do all classes in the namespace have to be declared within the 
namespace in the same sip file? 

Right now I have added the namespace decl and brackets in each class' sip 
file, all of which are included in the module file, just like in PyQt. When 
it's like this, I get a sip parse error on the line including the second file 
with a namespace decl. 

P.S. Phil: it is great getting responses from you. The pleasure of using sip 
is increased by the friendly and active nature of it's community and author! 

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