[PyKDE] problem with icon image handling in designer

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Wed Oct 15 16:30:00 BST 2003


I'm trying to make use of an init() function, defined in designer, in 
order to feed the default mime image factory with some images. I want 
to circumvent designers image inlining function, since it fails to 
handle transparency correctly, bloats ui/py files, and is generally 
unflexible. On the other hand, loading lots of small images on every 
startup isn't appealing, either. Thus, I've adapted a tool, found in 
the wxPython dist., that merge images (and data) files into one 
module, to my needs: look for img2pyqt in the attached tar ball.

Now this provides a factory function, which adds all images to the
default mime source factory. In order to be able to test designers ui 
files out of the box, it would be necessary to call this function, 
before the ui class is created, or just near the top of __init__ of 
it (before image access), but after creating QApplication().

Designer provides 2 types of methods: slots and functions, and handles 
init() and destroy() specially. As it stands with pyuic from PyQt 
3.8, only slots seem to be supported. Although it says, it extracts
an init() function correctly, it is missing in the resulting py file:
unpack the tar ball, "cd test-0.1; make; python test.py" should make
this obvious. 

An init() slot is handled correctly, but unfortunately it is called at 
the end of __init__() (which is expected).

Proposal: make functions work in pyuic(3) and add another special 
cased function: __init(), which is called before Parent.__init__().
(see test-ok.py for a working example)

Comments are highly appreciated.

Does anybody has an idea, how to solve this currently without hacking 
pyuic or the resulting python module?

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