[PyKDE] QStyleFactory and setStyle

Tuvi, Selim stuvi at SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Wed Oct 15 04:15:01 BST 2003

  Before I report it to Trolltech I wanted to get your feedback on this problem. I have a preference option in my application to set the style. When the application initially loads it reads the style preference from the configuration file and sets the style. This works fine, but if the user tries to change it through the preferences the application crashes. This is the PyQt code I use to set the style:


And this is the error I get:

ASSERT: "parent() && parent()->isWidgetType()" in kernel\qabstractlayout.cpp (777)

Note that it doesn't happen everytime. It seems like it is dependent on the font that is being used. In the case that is crashing I have and Arial, 10pt, Bold font and I am trying to switch from CDE style to Windows XP style.


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