[PyKDE] Trouble binding code with SIP

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien at dental-on-line.fr
Mon Oct 13 12:15:01 BST 2003

Le Lundi 13 Octobre 2003 12:09, Gerard Vermeulen a écrit :
> I have encountered other problems with namespace. SIP is not as clever
> as a C++ compiler in resolving namespace scopes.  So for instance
>      void setListener(DolSphinxListener*);
> has to be written as:
>      void setListener(DolSphinx::DolSphinxListener*);

I discovered this, but in this case DolSphinxListener is not in DolSphinx 
namespace. It would be cleaner if it was, I might change it to 
DolSphinx::Listener, but I don't want to complicate my current problem for 
now :-).


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