[PyKDE] QTable and background color.

Gianluca tuxgame at email.it
Mon Oct 6 15:27:01 BST 2003


I am trying to implement a QTable where n cells on every row are painted on a 
different color.

Searching on the ML, I find that I must reimplement the paint method. Fine.
Now I have only one problem: the setting of the color is located in a for 
cicle (I don't know in advance what cell I must modify), but I only get a red 
background on the last cell I change.

This is the code i use:

for x in range(0,cols):
	self.tabella.setItem(barca, x, self.item)

(the for over the rows are external to this one)

and this is the implementation of the paint method:

class colorItem(QTableItem):
	def __init__(self, table, edittype, text):

	def paint(self, painter, colorgroup, rect, selected):
		cg = QColorGroup(colorgroup)
		cg.setColor(QColorGroup.Base, Qt.red)
		QTableItem.paint(self,painter, cg, rect, selected)

It works, but only for the last cell I update


QTable 6*10
I need to change 2 cell on every row.
All the cells I need to change lose the text, except for the last one, who 
mantain the correct text and have a red background.

Any hints ?



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