[PyKDE] Web article on wxWindows and PyQt

Sundance sundance at ierne.eu.org
Sun Oct 5 16:22:01 BST 2003

I heard Hans-Peter Jansen said:

> Just close()ing the main widget should do the job nicely, as long as
> the exception doesn't occur in the ctor/dtor paths of the main
> widget.

Okay, danke schon!

Erm... I happen to have another question... Exception handling while 
constructing the interface works fine, but I've got a problem with the 
event loop. While it is running, it'll drop all the exceptions silently 
after outputing the traceback to stderr. Is there any way to tell it 
NOT to brush exceptions under the carpet, so to speak? Or, 
alternatively, to install the exception handler *inside* the event loop 
rather than around it?

> Needless to say, you cannot protect your app from crashes happened on
> Qt level.

Yeah, I know, but the point is mostly to keep users safe from bugs in MY 
code. :)

> Comments?

Yeah, your test app works perfectly here (PyQt and sip 3.8), no 
exceptions, no crash, etc. Is it normal?

-- S.

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