[PyKDE] Web article on wxWindows and PyQt

Michael Andrews mandrews at mandrews.org
Sat Oct 4 01:58:00 BST 2003

I don't know if anyone else saw this article (I found the link from the
Python Daily URL):


Most of the article talks about wxWindows and concludes that "...
wxPython even now just aren't there yet."

However, at the end of the article he mentions PyQt:

"PyQt has its own set of problems, like the core dumps which arise from
deleting objects in the wrong order. (There was one talk using Qt. The
demos kept getting a core dump on exit because the code didn't ensure
qtApp was deleted last.)"

I've seen problems with my apps compiled with Qt 3.2.x (I don't even
know if it is the same problem); but is this a wide spread problem?  In
other words, are other PyQt application developers seeing these
Michael Andrews <mandrews at mandrews.org>

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