[PyKDE] The Very Last SIP v4 Bug

Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Wed Nov 26 22:19:01 GMT 2003

Phil Thompson schrieb:
>>2. The error I reported still exists. Should I strip down the sourcecode
>>to a minimal version where this error stills occurs?
> That would be really helpful.
I started to do this and I could find one problem:
in the resize-Event of one class, there is a call
to invalidate all nodes an run setup on them once again because the text 
in the node might have to be wrapped on resize.

I looked into the sourcecode and commented out the subclassed 
setup()-function of the my ListViewItem, then it works without problems. 
Hm, the function was a hack anyway, there has to be a better way.
The thing is that Qt does not wrap the text in ListViewItems itself, so 
I have to insert newlines manually. But they have to inserted before Qt 
calls the setup() method (the behaviour proved to be very odd in that 
case and I did forget all the dirty little facts, but I remember to have 
had some very nice evenings with this).

Anyway, if it is a bug in sip4, then chances that it occurs are very 
rare. If you want to have a deeper analysis of the problem, I could give 
it to you, tomorrow

nice greetings


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