[PyKDE] Application icon

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Wed Nov 26 09:18:00 GMT 2003

On Tuesday November 25 2003 17:17, Tom Badran wrote:
> Whats the proper way of loading the application specific icon
> so that it will be found even without installing it to the
> share/icons/whatever directories? I have it in my source tree
> but i don't know how to tell the KIconLoader it should be
> looking there. Also, is there a way to tell the application as
> a whole that that particular icon is the main one, rather than
> loading it in the specific places it is needed?

import os.path
from kdecore import KApplication
from kdeui import KMainWindow
from qt import QPixmap

class MainWindow (KMainWindow):
    def init (self, <args>):
        KMainWindow.__init__ (<args>)

        iconPath = somePath
        self.setIcon (QPixmap (os.path.join (iconPath,


<other stuff>
app = KApplication (<args>)
mw = MainWindow (<args>)
<more stuff>

"setIcon" is a QWidget member - not exactly where you'd expect to 
find it. Works for PyQt or PyKDE, not sure if it's "proper".  In 
Qt I think you'd also need to call "setMainWidget" after 
instantiating "mw". Since "setIcon" is a QWidget method, it 
should work for any type of top level widget, not just the main 
window class types.

In the case of the application icon, I don't think KIconLoader 
offers any advantages. For icons used within the app, it does 
caching and probably improves performance a little. You can 
probably get KIconLoader to use an arbitrary path to your icons 
if you tell KStandardDirs about it (KStandardDirs.addResourceDir 
method). You could also do that for your app icon. Directories 
are added at the end of the KStandardDirs path, so icon 
filenames should be unique.

KToolbar, for example, has insertButton methods that work with 
KIconLoader or an arbitrary QPixmap, so either method would work 
there. The PyQt alternative for icons is QIconSet. 


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